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Diamond McGuire

Telephone, TX

Tel: 903-449-2491

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About Us


It all started with too many hide scraps laying around at the height of covid. I started learning the laser a bit (scared as hell, mind you.) Made one pair of earrings and I was like, "yep, I'm going to sell in stores."

I may have been a tad over ambitious from the start, but with a little bit of elbow grease and some pushing from my boyfriend. I can now say I am in retail stores. My passion will always be making the custom signs for people on their wedding day or their anniversary. Seeing the pictures when they receive the sign keeps my heart full.

I now have the luxury of doing this full time. Want to add a big many, many thanks to all of our customers over past year... and the return ones especially. you've kept me at home with my kiddos. I couldn't be more appreciative.

So lets make some shit, shall we? hit me up on the contact form ABOVE if you have any questions regarding wholesale packaging or custom orders. 

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